Get Well Soon Gift Hamper


The Get Well Soon Hamper is a nice treat to send to a friend or family member that’s not been feeling the best. It has all the essentials to help them beat what ails them. It includes Carol Kinsella Chocolates, Kilbeggan Irish Oat Cookies, Lucozade 900mls (absolute must have), Epsom Bath Salts Eucalyptus, Cushelle Tissue Cube, Murphy and Barrett Candle and Barry’s Tea – Lemon and Ginger. Available delivery in Ireland Only!

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  • Carol Kinsella Chocolates
  • Kilbeggan Irish Oat Cookies
  • Lucozade 900mls
  • Epsom Bath Salts Eucalyptus
  • Cushelle Tissue Cube
  • Murphy and Barrett Candle
  • Barry’s Tea – Lemon and Ginger


*Available delivery in Ireland Only


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